How QNCC is promoting Nepalese culture and goodwill in Queensland


Queensland Nepalese Cultural Center inc. (QNCC) is a non-for-profit, non-racial and apolitical association whose main goal is to promote the culture, goodwill and harmony among the Nepalese community residing in Queensland as well as Australia. Let’s explore how QNCC is achieving its mission.

Promoting Nepalese Culture

QNCC organizes various cultural events and programs to promote Nepalese culture in the community. The center hosts events such as Nepalese New Year, Dashain and Tihar festivals, and cultural dance performances. These events provide an opportunity for the Nepalese community to showcase their rich cultural heritage and traditions.

Besides that, the QNCC also organizes Nepalese language classes for the community, which helps in preserving the Nepalese language and promoting it to the younger generation.

Promoting Goodwill and Harmony

QNCC is committed to promoting goodwill and harmony among the Nepalese community and other communities residing in Queensland. The center regularly organizes multicultural events, inviting people from diverse cultural backgrounds to participate and connect with each other.

Moreover, QNCC also collaborates with other organizations to promote community harmony. For instance, QNCC has partnered with the Queensland Police Service to organize community engagement programs, which aim to build trust and promote a positive relationship between the police and the Nepalese community.


QNCC is doing an excellent job in promoting Nepalese culture and goodwill in Queensland. The center’s commitment to preserving and promoting Nepalese culture and its efforts towards building a harmonious community is commendable. If you are looking to connect with the Nepalese community in Queensland, QNCC is the perfect place to start.

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